Tuk Tuk Florence 

It's Fun , It's Adventurous , It's Romantic , It's Different and Easy Going...


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City Tuk Tour


--- Florence famous and hidden places.. ---


Enjoy !! From the Tuk Tuk you will be a privaleged observer of Florence, The cradle of the Renaissance .

Duration : 2 hours - From 8.00 AM


--- Florence & Hills nearby Fiesole and Settignano.. ---


 Complete the trip driving through the hillside to Fiesole ,       the Etruscan town located on a hilltop offering a very scenic view of Florence.

Let's catch glimpses of Florence !!

Duration : 3 hours - From 8:00 AM

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--- Florence & Hills Gran Tour nearby Fiesole and Settignano.. ---


--- Tailor Made.. ---

Food and wine are an essential part of Tuscan culture! Have a break from the monuments for a wine & oil testing, and sit down in a lovely enoteca for a light lunch!

Duration : 6 hours - From 8:00 AM


Do you like shopping ?       

Are you looking for great spots & views for your photo collection?        

You are a food and wine lover?             

 We can tailor your private ride to your needs and focus on your personal interests ...

Because each of us has different needs ..!

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Late afternoon Tuk Tour


--- Ape – ritivo.. ---


Enjoy aperitivo time just as the Florentines do!
Have a slow ride in Florence and finish your tour with the most sociable of Italian culinary traditions.....

Duration : 3 hours - From 6:30 PM



--- By night.. ---


Gorgeous by day, Florence is somehow even more so by night, when the city seems to positively glow from lights flickering on its Renaissance buildings.
Enjoy  summer nights in Florence!

Duration : 2 hours - From 9:30 PM