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On your wedding day you definitely want to make a memorable entrance (and exit) so while a Mercedes or a Bentley is luxurious and classic, why not take the opportunity to do something different???

Tuk Tuk is  perfect for a vintage and sentimental wedding and will provide a stunning backdrop for your photos. Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the journey, smile at onlookers and perhaps even give a "royal wave"!

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How to Book.. (your wedding Tuk Tuk.. )


Here you will find all the information you need to book your Tuk Tuk  !

Read the following 5 steps to book your Tuk Tuk  :

  • Step 1: Inquire for your wedding by e-mail at Calessinofirenze@gmail.com with the following informations:                     date of the wedding ; locations ; timing (full day or half day service).

  • Step 2: We will check availability and write you back (within few days)               
  • Step 3: You may decide to book.                       

  • Step 4: Send us a confirmation e-mail with the following informations:            date of the wedding ;  pick up time and location ; timing (full day or half day service). (a deposit or credit card details can be required to reserve the tour.)                                               

  • Step 5: We will write you back to confirm your booking
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